Who We Are

Welcome to Ali Al Suwaidi Trading Establishment(ASTE), Pioneers in Health Excellence in Qatar!

Celebrating over four remarkable decades of commitment and service, ASTE has been a dynamic force in revolutionizing healthcare distribution since our establishment in 1982.

Embarking on a Health Journey Together

Step into a world where passion meets purpose, and innovation converges with experience. At ASTE, we are not just distributors; we are architects of health solutions, crafting a healthier and brighter future for the people of Qatar.

Our Journey, Your Assurance

Immerse yourself in the legacy of ASTE, where each year signifies a chapter of trust, reliability, and excellence. For over 41 years, we have been the heartbeat of Qatar’s healthcare sector, ensuring that every beat resonates with quality and care.

Beyond Distribution – We Transform Healthcare

In the realms of medical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical distribution, we transcend mere transactions. We are custodians of health, stewards of progress, and partners in your journey towards optimal well-being..